This brand new tour brings you back to Genesis, of the very First Hebrew Bible or the Christian’s First Testament, much earlier than Christ, and discover what Abraham did that started the formation of a nation now nearly 6,000 years old! It is an epic drama throughout this tour involving the nomadic Bronze Age tribes, princes of Egypt, members of the majestic iron Age Davidic Dynasty and onwards through the Empires of Persia, Greece and Rome. A total of 16 scripts re-enacted by over 30 actors, presented on actual locations in over 20 augmented scenes over the 5 touring days, sums this tour about a nation from its beginning, history of various legends and adventures, to a modern day state flourished in technology, sciences, agricultural and modern start-ups (second highest in the world)!

During this tour, you will watch historical dramas unfolded on location via the augmented (AR) technology and devices. For example, on the first day at Nof Zion, you will view the creation story, Noah’s flood, and the adventures of Abraham who owns the title of Father of Nations. On the same day in another location BT Hebron, you will watch the battle of the Nine Kings and the Binding of Isaac; A story of sacrifice, all these on actual location

On the second day, at Genesis Land, the story enfolds further with the story of Moses, his eventual death and Israel’s miraculous exit from Egypt. On another day, in Ein Geidi, you will be moved into the era of David, an unknowing young shepherd chosen to become the disparate king and who eventually established the united kingdom of Israel in Jerusalem. Then on another day, the touring story covers the subsequent centuries during which Israel was governed by the nomadic Bronze Age tribes, princes of Egypt, members of the majestic Iron Age Davidic Dynasty and onwards through the Empires of Persia, Greece, and eventually Rome during which came the birth of a revolutionary Jew named Jesus, who gave rise to the birth of Christianity. Finally at BT Ceasarea, you will watch a love story set against the final battle between the Jewish Rebels and the Roman Empire.

Every day is packed with stories presented in a chronological order and on actual locations which allow you to enjoy the breathtaking sceneries and feel fully immersed into the atmospheres that history took place. For every day of the 5 touring days, you will enjoy 2 or more hours of digital audio and dramas, thoroughly and carefully researched and crafted, re-enacted and produced in Hollywood quality, and delivered to you via state of the art technology and devices provided on a daily basis. This is equivalent to having a delicately produced documentary for you to view on site within your own space and vision. This is truly the first such concept tour of its kind in the world and you will be amongst the very first few to experience such an extraordinary tour.

3 INAUGURAL Group Departures to Israel May & June 2018

Join the very first 3 tours of the world’s 1st digital (AR) cum theatrical tours of Israel this summer.

Three group tour departures are specially organised and at introductory prices, departing 15 May, 5 June and 17 July, from Thailand to Israel. Seats are very limited for each group. Be the world’s first 100 people to experience this augmented reality – theatrical tour, one that goes beyond your imagination and expectation.

So hurry and book your seats now!

Groups departing from various countries International Airport

# Bangkok
(English speaking tour)
Hong Kong
(Chinese speaking tour)
(Chinese speaking tour)
1 15 May - 21 May 2018 ( Booking Closed ) 24 Jun - 1 Jul 2018 ( Booking Closed ) 12 Jun - 19 Jun 2018 ( Booking Closed )
2 5 Jun - 11 Jun 2018 ( Booking Closed ) - 1 July - 8 Jul 2018
3 17 Jul - 23 Jul 2018 - -

What is Asiatravel’s world’s 1st Digital (AR) - Theatrical Tour?

We will bring the pages of Israel’s history to life, through beautifully produced dramatic narratives incorporated via modern augmented reality technology into your daily tour experience.

Storytelling, acting, music and sound effects are delivered via your customized device, synchronized to your daily tour, captivating your every imagination. Engage, learn and experience much more than an average tour. You will be experiencing the world’s first fully immersed tour.

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